Auto to Manual Conversion
If you are considering about converting your Automatic driver’s License to Manual Driver’slicence, don’t think twice and PURSUE it!

Rest assured that you have come up with the right decision of upgrading because of the enormous advantages this could bring to you.

We have gathered some benefits for you when upgrading your automatic to manual driver’s license:

ADVANCED DRIVING SKILLS. In learning manual, you are sharpening your driving skills as you can be to trained to use the clutch, the gearbox and you can master controlling your speed and shifting gears. Our experienced driving instructors will definitely help you achieve the driving skills you want in an easy to be trained approach that’s suitable to your needs, so just leave it in the hands of our experts driving instructors to help you pass your manual driving test!

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES. Most work places nowadays require you to have a Manual Driver’s License. Whether you are entering Police Force, Fire Protection or in public or private hospitals, you absolutely need a Manual Driver’s license. This can definitely give you an extreme advantage versus those who do not. Other companies mi0ght not expressly state it as a requirement but surely will give you an edge over the other applicants.

EMERGENCY READY! Having a manual driver’s license is like you hit two birds with one stone. With 0this, you be allowed to drive both automatic transmission cars and manual cars, whereas having an automatic driver’s license, it doesn’t work the other way around. Thus, when in an emergency situation, any vehicle for transportation wouldn’t be a problem. You will be ready to drive whatever car is available, this will save time and save lives. It is known that the first few minutes of an emergency is very critical, so let yourself be flexible and emergency ready!

EXPERIENCE BEYOND COMPARE. Every motoring enthusiast will certainly tell you that there’s “more driving” in manual-controlled cars than the automatic ones. Driving the manual car gives the driver the ultimate feeling of being in control. You can go up and down the hill with a maintaining speed, navigate corners or go on a complete adventure using a manual sports car.

FUEL EFFICIENCY. Using manual controlled cars have been proven to be more economical because it get0s better fuel mileage. Studies show that a vehicle with a manual transmission can consume 5%-15% less fuel than an auto0matic transmission. Moreover, automatic cars are generally more expensive than the manual ones.

Having now learnt all the key benefits of learning to drive a manual vehicle, why waste your time?

Hire one of our driving schools expert driving instructors now and the manual driving skills will just come flowing and your manual license will follow.

Our commitment to the BEST quality of learning how to drive education will absolutely bring out the best in you.

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